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Beth is passionate about helping families not just survive but thrive. Beth works for FamilyLife Canada as Content Manager. She married Darcy in 1989, they have three children. She is currently enjoying parenting teens and a young adult. Beth loves to read, roller-blade, play board games and socialize.

6 Ways I Can Face Grief

2018-04-11T16:39:52+00:00By Beth Scholes|Categories: Life|

As a country we are mourning the tragedy in Humboldt, Saskatchewan. This devastating loss took our youth in the midst of our national pastime, hockey.   As we face grief, here are some ideas to [...]

Expanding on 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Married

2017-02-03T11:17:54+00:00By Beth Scholes|Categories: By Our Team, Featured|Tags: advice, attraction, bill strom, connection, education, FamilyLife Canada, help, love, marriage, newlywed, relationship, Sharol Josephson|

FamilyLife received significant response from the article: 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Being Married we posted on facebook. As a result, we’re expanding on Sheryl Paul's points. July has so many weddings, making it [...]