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Our Story

FamilyLife Canada has been teaching, training and equipping families for over 25 years. Here’s a quick look at what we’re all about….

Our Vision

FamilyLife Canada exists to bring help and hope to every marriage and family. We believe….

  • The family is the foundation of every community.
  • A healthy marriage is the cornerstone of a strong family.
  • The ultimate and lasting strength of every marriage and family is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Team

FamilyLife Staff

This is the FamilyLife Team, women and men from coast to coast committed to changing Canada and the world by strengthening families. Individual biographies can be found below. If you are interested in joining our team and this cause, please contact us for more information.

Our team is truly committed to bringing help and hope to marriages and families. Many of the team members raise their own salary to be able to carry out this mission. If you would like to invest in our staff, please click on the “GIVE” links below.

Neil & Sharol Josephson

Directors of FamilyLife Canada

Sharol and Neil were married in 1978 and have two married sons with two grandsons. Together they speak at FamilyLife events.

Fun Fact:
On a sunny day, Sharol will turn to the garden and Neil to the golf course. On a rainy day, it’s books by the fire for both. But playing with the grandkids rules any day.


Mike & Karen Woodard

Mike – Associate Director
Karen – Online Mentor Coordinator

Mike and Karen married in 1978, they have four adult children and two grandsons. Together they speak at FamilyLife events.

Fun Fact:
While Mike bikes (across Canada), runs, and hikes Karen delights in mystery novels. Mike,“Life is an adventure!” Karen, “One adventurer is enough for any marriage!”


Joe & Lois Balfour

Joe – National Conference Coordinator

Joe married Lois in 1970, they live in Kelowna, BC, have four children and four grandchildren.

Fun Fact:
Our ideal day is touring the Okanagan Valley in our 64′ MGB (top down) A picnic by the lake completes this relaxing day.


June & Neal Black

June – Video Editor & Office Support

June & Neal married in 1984, they live in Langley, BC and have two grown daughters. Together they work with engaged young couples.

Fun Fact:
Reading and playing games are two of the favourite household activities.


Mindy Black

Mindy – Director of Operations

Mindy lives in Langley, BC.

Fun Fact:
Party planner extraordinaire, Mindy’s love for event planning shows up in many a friend’s and family’s events.


Fay Chao

Fay Chao _ Robert Li wedding

Fay – Chinese Ministry of FamilyLife

Bob and Fay have been married since 1974. They have two married daughters and a grandson. They live in Ottawa, ON.

Fun Fact:
A month after their wedding, Bob and Fay were notified that their marriage registration was rejected; the pastor had mixed up the paperwork. Bob and Fay had signed another couple’s form! Always read the fine print!


Jerry & Dorothy Chee


Jerry & Dorothy -Regional Representatives: Ontario

Jerry and Dorothy have been married since 1984 and have one grandson and three adult children. They live in Unionville, ON.

Fun Fact:
On their one year dating anniversary Jerry freaked Dorothy out with his gift of a pair of baby shoes.

Sheldon and Valerie Dean

Sheldon & Valerie Dean

staff page

Sheldon & Valerie – Regional Representatives: Saskatchewan

Sheldon and Valerie married in 2001 and they live in Regina, Sk with their 3 children, a dog and a cat.

Fun Fact: 

In the summer you will find the Dean’s either on a surf board, sitting around a fire or at a Bible camp. In the winter you won’t find them…because they are hiding from the cold (they live in Saskatchewan)


Dan Degaris

Dan _ Joy DeGaris wedding

Dan – Regional Representative: Toronto

Dan and Joy married in 1978 and live in Brampton ON. They have two married daughters and four grandchildren.

Fun Fact:
Opposites in many ways, Dan and Joy enjoy doing simple things together like watching old movies, walking, new ethnic restaurants and coffee dates.

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Braden & Kristen Hafner

Hands Collect Puzzle

Braden – Regional Representative: Edmonton and Northern AB

Braden and Kristen married in 2008 and have a dog named Milo; they live in Edmonton, AB.

Fun Fact:
Braden is a glutton for punishment: He’s an Oilers fan. Kristen is a health nut, and she loves to eat her favourite vegetable, Chocolate!!


Chris & Heather Harman


Heather – Regional Representative: Maritimes

Heather and Chris have four children.

Fun Fact:
They are from Halifax.


Elizabeth Josephson

About us

Elizabeth – Break Forth Event Director

Elizabeth and Brady have been married since 2008. They live in Pitt Meadows, BC.

Fun Fact:
Elizabeth is an ambitious knitter. She dreams of a log cabin with closets full of Norwegian sweaters, crackling fires and lots and lots of books.


Grace Kim

Philip _ Grace Kim wedding

Grace Kim – Graphic Designer

Grace married Philip in 2000; they live in Langley, BC with their two children.

Fun Fact:
Grace has a passion for drawing and painting and loves to use her skills and abilities for Christian art and culture.

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Angela & Edmund Lau

about us

Angela – Chinese Ministry Representatives 

Edmund and Angela married in 1979. They have two married sons and six grandchildren. They live in Calgary, AB.

Fun Fact:
Edmund and Angela enjoy serving together as a team, not only in ministry, but also in caring for their children’s families. They love biking, camping, and playing with their grandchildren.


Jimmy & Jenny Lee

Jimmy _ Jenny Lee wedding

Jimmy & Jenny – Regional Representatives Jimmy and Jenny married in 2007 and have two young sons; they live in Coquitlam, BC.

Fun Fact:
They like to do things like skiing and camping, but one thing they haven’t tried is dancing together: Jimmy is 6’5” tall and Jenny is 5’2”!


Lydia Nigh

about us

Lydia -Regional Representative: Greater Vancouver

Lydia and her husband Gilbert have been married for over 30 years and have three amazing young adults in their family.

Fun Fact:
Being a Trinidadian-Chinese-Canadian with a Zambian experience means I’ve eaten a lot of interesting foods in my lifetime but my favourite chef is Gilbert.


Beth Scholes

Beth _ Darcy Scholes wedding

Beth – Content Manager

Beth and her husband Darcy married in 1989; they live in Abbotsford, BC with their three children.

Fun Fact:
“Surprise Ride!” If you hear these words at the Scholes’ house you have 5 minutes to get in the vehicle ready for an unknown special outing.


Brian Siewert

Brian & Celia 326x226

Brian – Faith at Home Canada Director

Brian and Celia married in 1992. They have four children and live in St. Albert, AB.

Fun Fact:
We all like country music and good times.

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Shireen & Che Spencer

about us

Shireen – Regional Representatives: ON

Che and Shireen married in June 2003. They have 2 wonderful boys.

Fun Fact:
Che and the boys love to swim and ski but Shireen doesn’t like to do either! She enjoys watching them and everyone stays happy!

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Brad Thompson

Brad & Sylvia Thompson wedding

Brad – Regional Representative: Ontario

Brad lives in Waterloo, ON and has been gifted with two daughters, one son-in-law, and two grandsons. They had been married for 35 years when Sylvia moved to her eternal home in July of 2018 after battling cancer.

Fun Fact:
Their grandchildren are enraptured model train enthusiasts, fulfilling Brad’s passion for trains with the next generation.


Brent & Céleste Trickett

Brent _ Celeste Trickett wedding

Brent & Céleste – Regional Representatives: Saskatchewan

Brent and Céleste married in 2000, they have four children and reside in Saskatoon, SK.

Fun Fact:
For Valentine’s Day Brent bought red headgear to enable kickboxing at home. With four young children kickboxing relieves a lot of stress.


Join The Team

Perhaps you’d like to explore the possibility of joining this dynamic team. We’d love to talk to you about helping marriages and families where you live. See below for current openings. Contact: [email protected] or 1-877-352-6888

Click here for volunteer and career opportunities

Our Affiliation

PTC_LOGO-WEBFamilyLife Canada is a division of Power To Change Ministries based in Langley, British Columbia. For more information visit p2c.com

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